Imagineer Your Furture

Les LaMotte’s “Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions” is an inspiring guide encouraging readers to embark on self-discovery and personal empowerment.  Drawing from his own experiences and the wisdom of his mentor, Walt Disney, LaMotte presents a compelling case for the transformative potential of dreaming big and pursuing one’s passions.


The book begins with a reflection on Walt Disney’s iconic words, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This sets the tone for the rest of the book, as LaMotte introduces himself as not only the author but also a believer in the power of imagination and self-belief.  His connection to Disney and the realization of a childhood dream of having his products used to promote Disney and other major companies lends authenticity to his words that resonate with readers.


“Imagineering Your Future” is a call to action, inviting readers to recognize their inner strengths and take control of their destinies.  LaMotte challenges readers to break free from negative thinking that often holds them back and guides them towards a new path of purpose and fulfillment.


One of the book’s strengths is its practicality.  LaMotte provides readers concrete steps to uncover their passions and set themselves toward personal success.  He emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s actions with their true desires rather than conforming to others’ expectations.  This theme of individual empowerment is woven throughout the book, encouraging readers to take ownership of their dreams and actively work towards their realization.


LaMotte’s writing style is engaging and motivational, making the book an easy read.  His personal anecdotes, practical exercises, and insights create a well-rounded guide for readers seeking to tap into their potential.  Additionally, the availability of the book on platforms like Amazon and Kindle ensures accessibility for a wide audience.


In “Imagineer Your Future,” Les LaMotte crafted a guide that inspires readers to envision and shape their futures.  LaMotte provides readers the tools to create a life that aligns with their aspirations by emphasizing the importance of core passions, self-belief, and proactive steps.  This book is a beacon of encouragement for those ready to break free from limitations and “Imagineer Their Future.”

Build Your
Solar Charger!

My initial journey to Africa in 2009 ignited my passion for Solar Power.  It became evident that Solar Power was the most dependable way to keep electronic devices such as phones and laptops charged under challenging off-grid conditions or without reliable power sources that are bulky and costly.

Over the past decade, I have worked tirelessly to develop the SolarTrek Solar Charge Controller & Battery Pack, also known as iHold, constituting one-third of the three-part Solar Cycle I teach at SolarTrek Workshops.

This book serves as a guide to help you create one of the most powerful and compact DIY Solar Chargers currently available.  The best part is that it is effortless to assemble by yourself.  Once you connect a Solar Panel, whether ridged or rollable, you will have abundant power to operate your laptops, phones, lights, fans, and almost anything else you might need to power your Off-Grid lifestyle!

I am enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with you and am confident you will find it valuable.  I appreciate your interest in SolarTrek!

Sonrise A New
Tomorrow: Song Book

We are delighted to introduce “Sonrise: A New Tomorrow,” a wonderful collection of award-winning singles and a complete album by an incredibly talented singer/songwriter.  This 10-song book is a perfect companion to the CD/Album of the same name and features all piano guitar chords and tabs for each song. 

We are thrilled to include the #1 hit song “Where Are You Goin’,” which topped the Christian/Gospel charts on KMIX online radio channels in 40 countries in September 2018.  Les wrote these beautiful songs and some with his dear friend Peter Reese, and they are sure to uplift and inspire all who hear them.  

We are also excited to share Les’s story of how God used his music to impact prisoners around the country.  This album is filled with heartfelt songs about healing and strengthening one’s relationship with God, and we know you will love it as much as we do.

Creative Writing & Songwriting 101

Welcome to Creative Writing and Songwriting 101!  We are excited to explore the wonderful process of creativity with you.  Both creative writing and songwriting require the artist to seek inspiration and transform it into a form that expresses an idea, mood, or emotion that is sometimes extremely difficult to put into words.  They are spontaneous movements of the hands, heart, and soul that the artist captures, preserves, and perfects for others to repeatedly enjoy and be inspired by.


The combination of the elements of music rhythm, harmony, lyrics, and voice are powerful tools that can take the listener on a journey to places or times that bring back special memories, life experiences, and emotions.  We believe that music is a beautiful way to connect with others and share our unique perspectives.


We are particularly inspired by the incredible multi-award-winning Singer/Songwriter and author – Les LaMotte, who has won numerous awards for his amazing musical works.  We hope that by exploring the world of creative writing and songwriting, you can tap into your creativity and share your unique voice with the world, which, if you don’t share it, they will never hear.

World War I
Grandpa's Diary

Private First Class
Lester Allen McPheron

With great pleasure, I share with you the profound impact my grandfather’s life and personal diary have had on my life.  The accounts of his war experiences and his life in South St. Paul, Minnesota, are detailed and insightful.  As an adoptive grandson, I had the privilege of adding my own commentary to the diary, a task I undertook with utmost care and respect for his legacy.

My grandfather’s work at Swift and Company for four decades is a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication to his profession and the depth of his character.  I am fortunate to have grown up as his close neighbor and to have shared in his passion for hand crafting and kite building.  Even after losing his sight at 65, he continued to inspire and teach me, allowing me to be his eyes and learn valuable skills that would later help me in my career.

As an Eagle Scout and a skilled graphic designer, I used these lessons and experiences to build a successful company from $14 to $14 million.  My journey is chronicled in my book, Imagineer Your Future… Discover Your Core Passions; I am excited to share them with you.

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Celebrating his 50 years after writing his famous song
“I Wish We’d All Been Ready”

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Give us your address and we will send you a FREE Holagraphic Sticker in honor of my friend
Larry Norman
Pioneer of Christian Rock ’n Roll

Celebrating his 50 years after writing his famous song
“I Wish We’d All Been Ready”